Lease Advisory

Rent Review

Our rent review service is focused on achieving the best commercial outcome for our clients, utilising our market and technical lease knowledge.

Lease Renewals

We advise our clients on the entire lease renewal process, including the commercial rent terms, operational lease terms and advice on the legal framework of the negotiation.

Lease Restructuring

We provide expert solutions on lease re-gears, offering careful analysis aimed at maximising value in line with your business strategy. We regularly advise on the removal or deferral of break options, as well as lease extensions.

Dispute Resolution, Arbitration and Expert Witness

Our senior team represent both investor and occupier clients as expert witnesses in lease advisory matters, taking a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve the best results. Our team are regularly appointed to act as independent experts or arbitrator in lease advisory cases.


Our team provides expert guidance on dilapidation valuations in commercial real estate. 


Rates Mitigation

We continuously monitor our clients’ portfolios and actively seek to reduce liabilities beyond the usual appeals process, as well as tracking portfolio changes to maintain accurate levels of assessment. Our aim is to ensure that all changes are swiftly identified and reflected in our clients’ liability. We work to ensure that new incentives, legislation and case law are correctly interpreted and applied by councils and the Valuation Office Agency.

Rating Appeals

Our Check Challenge Appeal strategies are agreed with each client and carefully timed to present the strongest tactical case for minimising rates liabilities. We prioritise those properties most adversely affected by a revaluation and keenly identify additional opportunities. We always work for the correct result, not the quickest.

Rates Management

Rates Management is a fundamental part of our service, offering accurate forecasting and budgeting for our clients. Our account managers work together with our surveyors to identify savings opportunities and remit money swiftly in line with KPIs.


  1. Occupier Management


    • Day to day management
    • Financial management
    • Bespoke reporting on your portfolio
    • Property budgeting
    • Benchmarking of your portfolio
  2. Tenant Representation

    Our Tenant Representation team acts exclusively for occupiers to provide bespoke advice on commercial real estate transactions, with robust strategic and financial analysis. Including:

    • Business appraisal
    • Property selection
    • Disposal strategy
    • Surrender opportunities
    • Independent advice


We combine methodologies with respect for ethics & confidentiality to provide you with independence and transparency.

Paul Harvey
Executive Director & Head of Professional Services



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