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"Localised service means the ability to offer solutions that are appropriate to the problems our clients are facing."

«The ability to become close and then stay close to our clients is crucial. In my view, it is a fairly similar value to innovation. Because, to meet our clients' requirements, we must understand their issues and, therefore, we need to know them well. Localised service therefore means the ability to offer appropriate solutions to the problems our clients are facing. To achieve this, the Group's ability to offer an expanded portfolio of services is very important, as is management's ability to create new products. In practice, a localised service means regular and frequent contact via email and telephone, or during meetings. It is all a matter of building personal relationships. In Italy, we have also set up a free call centre for our unit holders, to keep them permanently up to date about our company, the market, etc. We decided to provide a dedicated team to answer all our clients' questions, because we feel a localised service is very important.»

Testimonial of CLAUDIA IMPARATO - Fund Manager, BNP Paribas Real Estate Italy

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Knowing your local market in depth, anticipating your needs,
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