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Investment Management

We design and manage real estate investment vehicles that correspond to your quest for the most attractive yields and capital gains. Our specialists, supported by the comprehensive expertise of our employees, select, coordinate and administer a whole range of assets. These include: offices, retail and industrial premises, warehouses aiming to create an optimum value for which you can choose the method of financial return. 

Our Investment Management activity on behalf of third parties is present in five locations in Europe: France, Italy, the UK, Belgium and Jersey and manages over € 7.9bn in assets. It offers two kinds of service:

Discretionary management
 - Regulated investment management: management of vehicles involved in mutual investment in leased real estate for private and institutional investors.
 - Non-regulated institutional management: management of French or foreign investment funds, non-listed, specialising in real estate.

Non-discretionary management
 - Assistance with investment then management on behalf of third party investors.

Please visit our corporate website for further information about Investment Management services.